BANG DESIGN is a print and motion surface art studio located in the Greater Toronto Area, spearheaded by Anita Giancola. 

Anita paints broad strokes over Bang designs using her interests in art, music, math, geometry, people and philosophy. She has a knack for using colour in ways that draw you in to a heavy-breathing breathlessness. 

Our work includes art for painted, printed and motion such as textiles, wallpaper, murals, and short videos. We work on projects big and small with people and brands who want to have their voice heard with a bang. Email here to request our history of client projects.

We also make some really cool products so you can add Bang to your life. Check out bang skateboards, bedding, notebooks, posters, etc.

You can find bang notebooks at Metropolis Mercantile + Cafe in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. You can find bang boards at Longboard Living skateboard shop in Toronto, Canada. Contact us if you are interested in carrying any of our products.

We would love to discuss collaborative projects if you think we are a good fit.

You can sign up for the bang newsletter to hear about new products, sales,  projects, exhibitions and other events.

Bang! Bang!