Amazing Days!

Amazing Days!

Life these days can feel like a maze.

This time is difficult for many of us in many different ways and in varying degrees.

Let’s do as many amazing things as possible to make it through the maze, together.

Here are a few small amazing things to try.

  1. Hop on your amazing skate deck for a quick ride around your block. It will be peaceful and amazing!
  2. Fill an amazing bag with some hand soap and tooth paste, etc. Drop them off to a neighbour in need.
  3. Fill an amazing can with a few tasty essentials or healthy snacks. Drop them off to a neighbour in need.
  4. Fill an amazing envelope with a hand written letter, a poem, or funny drawings. Leave it around for someone in your home to find.
  5. Fill an amazing box with amazing things to remind you of these amazing times.